1. N’oublions pas l’histoire je vous en prie.. Et les attentats sous faux drapeau? (Reichstag pour ne citer que celui là)Accuser les musulmans et même aller jusqu’à demander des explications aux autorités?!Mais pour qui vous prenez vous !

  2. When the earth really is flat and old prejudices disappear, everyone will be judged as equals for the content of their character and we won't need special months for so-called minority groups to strut their stuff. As a woman, I was never in favor of a woman's month…sounds sooo condescending to me–kind of as if we needed to use the excuse of prejudice as the entire reason we never became good enough to do great things. Bosh. Think about it; can you imagine a white man's history month? History is history and human beings are human beings all year long, not just for a month.

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